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For those who are suffering from several damaged or missing teeth, it's easy to settle into feelings of doubt about whether or not they will ever take pride in their smile again. They might feel as though the treatment will be too rigorous or costly for serious consideration. Surprisingly, many patients in need of significant smile reconstruction don't know that there is a cost-effective, minimally invasive solution that can dramatically transform their lives in a matter of hours. 

This solution is known as All-on-Four dental implants, and it's a medical breakthrough that has allowed prosthodontists the privilege to help patients restore their smiles quickly and for much less than what other similar procedures cost. Fortunately, All on 4 Dental Implants in Los Angeles are available through Dr. Arman Torbati's offered services.

You likely have questions about All-on-Four dental implants, and we've developed this handy guide to help you obtain answers to those crucial questions. In this guide, we'll answer the following questions so that you can get a better idea about whether All-on-Four implants are the right solution for you:

  • What are All-on-Four dental implants?
  • Who is an ideal candidate for All-on-Four implants?
  • What are the pros of All-on-Four implants?
  • What are the cons of All-on-Four implants?
  • What can I expect to pay for this treatment?
  • Where can I find All-on-Four treatment?

What are All-on-Four Dental Implants?

The revolutionary All-on-Four implant treatment is a medical procedure that involves the permanent installation of 4 implants that firmly support a full arch of artificial teeth. The beauty in this procedure is that your new teeth will function, feel, and appear as real as any natural set of teeth. Likewise, through Dr. Arman Torbati's technique, you can receive All on 4 dental implants in Los Angeles on a single day. The difference between the All-on-Four treatment and other traditional implant procedures is that the All-on-Four technique requires four implants for each arch. Other implants generally require at least six implants for a single arch. 

In the All-on-Four treatment, bone grafting is not necessary because the implants are installed at an angle, allowing for natural usage of existing bone placement to provide added support. This makes the All-on-Four treatment much less invasive and more easygoing on your finances.

All-on-Four dental implants

  1. Are left in the mouth permanently. Because the procedure is permanent, you will be able to function as if the artificial teeth were real.
  2. Don't require adhesive. You don't have to spend your days worrying about this type of upkeep. 
  3. Provide maximum comfort. You'll never have to worry about uncomfortable sensations from the implants pressing into your gums. The teeth are set in a comfortable, natural way ensuring long-lasting comfort.
  4. Enable you to discern varying temperatures of food. Likewise, your sense of taste will be heightened.
  5. Strengthen the force of your bite. In some cases, implants can improve bite's strength by up to 70%. This means you can return to enjoying your most loved foods once and for all.
  6. Won't cause deterioration of your bones. The technique is designed in such a way to support the implants firmly, but also maintain the integrity of your bones.
  7. Re-pronounce your facial features. You already know that dental problems can even have drastic effects on your outside appearance. Implants can help restore the features of your face, giving you an entirely new outlook on life.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for All-on-Four Implants?

Because the All on 4 technique is a medical procedure, there are certain patients who will make better candidates for it than others. If you're considering All on 4 dental implants in Los Angeles, these are general items of criteria that are used by Dr. Arman Torbati to assess whether a patient is ready for All-on-4 treatment. The patient must:

  • Possess adequate health from an oral standpoint. Likewise, the patient should be stable enough to receive a surgical procedure.
  • Not currently be using medicine, treatment, or supplements that inhibit the healing process.
  • Not smoke regularly.

More specifically, if you have health problems that would be a threat to your natural set of teeth, these types of problems can also be a threat to implants. For example, gum disease can complicate the All-on-4 technique if it isn't initially treated before the procedure. By talking to Dr. Arman Torbati, you can work together to decide if your overall status of health can support the All-on-4 procedure.

At your initial consultation with Dr. Arman Torbati, you should discuss any medications you might be taking that could have effects on the healing process. For instance, antidepressants and medicine used to treat osteoporosis are known to interfere with how the body naturally heals. However, these are not the only medications that are capable of doing this. Go over your entire list of medications with Dr. Torbati to get an idea of how you can modify your regimen before your dental implant procedure.

Additionally, we all know the short and long term effects of smoking, but you might also be surprised to find smoking can decrease your chances of being considered for the All-on-4 technique. If you smoke or have smoked in the past, Dr. Arman Torbati can help you determine the best course of action to help improve your eligibility for this treatment.

Additional Factors for All-in-4 Implant Eligibility

Even if you are a candidate, there are other criteria you might make you an even more eligible for All-on-Four dental implants. You will benefit from this technique if:

  • Your current dentures often become unstable or loose. 
  • You aren't interested in bone grafting.
  • You'd like a fast, same-day procedure.
  • You want the most affordable option for total arch treatment.
  • You have several missing/damaged teeth.

What are the Pros of All-on-Four Implants?

Pursuing surgery for All-on-4 Dental Implants in Los Angeles with Dr. Torbati comes with an immeasurable amount of advantages. These are some of the primary reasons patients opt for this particular technique.

  1. The All-on-4 implants provide exceptional stability. Most people who have already received All-on-4 implants will be the first to tell you that these types of implants are comparable in strength to real teeth. The implants are securely and firmly set into your jaw, making it easy to naturally chew, speak, and move your mouth. You can rest assured that nothing will "pop" out of its place or sustain damage. Likewise, there isn't any type of food you'll be restricted from eating.
  2. Maintenance for All-on-4 dental implants is as easy as child's play. Essentially, you would care for your implants much like how you would care for real teeth. You only need to brush them at regular intervals, and attend your appointments for check-ups and cleaning.
  3. Best of all, All-on-4 dental implants look great. It's virtually impossible to differentiate between the implants and real teeth. Anyone you meet who isn't already aware of your implants will believe that your artificial teeth are completely natural. This will give your confidence an incredible boost, and it will make you want to show off your picture-worth smile for years to come.

What are the Cons of All-on-Four Implants?

Although it's our job to ensure you walk away with a beautiful set of teeth and a new lease on life, you should also know that there are a small number of drawbacks to this type of procedure.

Because this procedure can be completed in a single day, it removes the chance for you to essentially give the implants a test run before deciding whether or not you'd like to continue with treatment. However, the All-on-4 procedure has an incredibly high satisfaction rating, meaning the odds are incredibly minute that you will be unhappy with your results. 

Additionally, the implants are not designed to occupy the molar spaces. If you need implants for your molars as well, an additional/separate course of treatment might be required. Lastly, implant failure is always a risk. This risk is very minor, however. With an in-depth consultation with Dr. Torbati, the odds of failure can be determined more precisely. 

What Can I Expect to Pay for This Treatment?

The average cost to receive All on 4 dental implants in Los Angeles is at least $15,000. In comparison to similar dental procedures that require more implants, the All-on-4 treatment process saves patients thousands of dollars per case. At Dr. Torbati's office, we'll help you review your finances and examine your options in terms of covering the costs of your care. There are a number of factors that can affect the price you can expect to pay for All on 4 dental implants in Los Angeles.

Who is performing the procedure? Ideally, you will want to find someone who is thoroughly experienced, but also understands not everyone can afford super costly procedures. Dr. Arman Torbati who graduated from both Harvard & USC and has 20+ years of experience in prosthodontics, has helped patients from all walks of life achieve their reconstructive goals. 

What preparations are needed? The All-on-4 procedure allows people to gain an entirely new arch of teeth, but in order for the implants to be installed, any remaining teeth or roots in the area must first be removed. Depending on everything you require in order to be orally ready for All-on-4 treatment, you might need to pay a little more out of pocket for initial teeth removal. If you don't require any removals or modifications before the All-on-4 treatment begins, you can expect to pay the lowest possible price.

Will you need extensive x-rays or CT scans? As with any surgical procedure, X-rays and CT scans will be needed to get an in-depth idea of how the treatment should be approached. Dr. Torbati will use the X-rays and CT scans to essentially determine the best course of care. Without these materials, it's hard for any prosthodontist to determine if the bones in your mouth are strong enough to accept the treatment, or even if All-on-4 treatment is a wise decision at all.

If you aren't eligible for the All-on-4 surgery judging by the X-rays and CT scans, Dr. Torbati can help you pursue alternative options. 

Where Can I Find All-on-Four Treatment?

If you want to take the next step towards your beautiful, new smile, contact Dr. Arman Torbati's dental office today. At Arman Torbati's office, we have the latest technology in cosmetic, restorative dentistry, and the expertise needed to handle intricate, drastic prosthodontic procedures. Throughout each step of your consultation, treatment design process, procedure, and recovery, we'll always prioritize you as number one.

Dr. Torbati uses everything from advanced computer imagery to electronic radiography to provide the best possible treatment in the Los Angeles area. You'll even notice our strong attention to detail and patient satisfaction the moment you step foot in our office; you'll be greeted by our warm, inviting staff, and your journey to a better smile will begin within just a matter of minutes of your arrival.

Are you ready to see if the All-on-4 treatment is right for you? Are you interested in this procedure, but still have doubts? It's important to know that these are entirely normal feelings to experience while in deliberation about dental implants. Dr. Torbati will help you better understand this revolutionary new treatment option in a calm, relaxed setting, and you'll also be able to get clear, concise answers to any questions you might have.

It's our mission at Arman Torbati's dental office to place each and every patient above all. Overall, we like to see our patients walk away with real, long-lasting solutions to their dental health problems for affordable prices. If you're ready to see how the All-on-4 dental implant procedure can totally transform your life, contact us today!