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Cost of Tooth Fillings in Los Angeles


In Los Angeles, the cost of a filling can reach upwards $500 for a new procedure; that’s not even counting a redo for exiting fillings. While that is not always the case, it’s a good measure of what clients should expect when planning for the procedure. The natural question to ask is why and how does a dentist reach this figure. More importantly, it stands to reason that having insurance versus going in as a self-pay patent also affects the final tally. Keep these key factors in mind while exploring your options for fillings in the Los Angeles area.

What Determines the Cost of Tooth Filling?

When it comes to determining the costs of that filling you’re thinking about, there are a few factors that shape the final price. The position and location of the tooth is one of the first aspects that affect the price. Teeth towards the back of the mouth are more difficult to each than front teeth.

Another consideration that goes into pricing is the material used to create the filling itself. Resin composite is a newer option for this procedure and more expensive for patients to use. Since amalgam in silver stands as an older alternative, it comes out as a cheaper material. In addition to these common materials, some other options stand out as an alternative to the standard fillings.

Tooth Filling Cost with Insurance:

Insurance costs vary based on the company used and plan in place. As well as standard policies, there may be other considerations. It is around $89 for standard amalgam but there are some answers as to why that would change.. Amalgam fillings cover several areas of the tooth, with prices reaching between $120 to $300 for certain locations. Composite fillings are over $200 in most cases. When it covers several areas of the tooth, that price can skyrocket to upwards of $450. As always, checking in with the insurance company as a course of treatment is agreed upon can save time as well as hassle in making any cost-based decisions.

When assessing what costs will be for a filling under any insurance plan, it is also important to consider what will be paid before or after the session. You don’t just walk into a dentist’s office and have a filling set. Instead, you need a comprehensive appointment with the dentist first. This gives the dentist a chance to assess the best methods of treating the situation and ensures everything will be right when adding the filling. Depending on the filling’s placement and difficulty of the procedure, a follow-up might be required and should be factored into co-pay costs.

Tooth Filling Cost Without Insurance:

Patients without insurance face more cost concerns as they decide on adding a filling. In Los Angeles, the costs are larger than anticipated due to the market itself as well as any materials used in the process. The $150 price for amalgam usually covers one or two surfaces of a tooth. Composite fillings run around $250 for one or two surfaces of the tooth. This material put to use for three or more surfaces may reach close to $450 without additional costs. The gold filling makes a price rise into astronomical rates ranging from $250 to $4500 based on the size as well as placement.

Redo Filling

Redoing a filling brings about its challenges and issues for patients. Since the level of redoing the filling can range from a mild touchup to full replacement, the costs also cross over a spectrum of possibilities. Much like a regular filling, insured versus non-insured prices vary. Those patients with insurance should see more of a reduction in their co-pay if it is proved that a replacement is vital to oral health or an emergency instead of purely cosmetic. If the company decides not to provide additional coverage, costs should instead be close to the original price set for a filling.

Getting a filling is something that many dental patients in Los Angeles and around the world will have to face in their lifetime. One of the biggest hurdles towards getting the procedure done can be the costs involved. Keeping an eye out for insured versus uninsured costs may be a better way to decide how each one is taken care of. It also pays to speak with your dentist about how to not only reduce costs but find the best solution for the budget. Simply having that conversation before a filling can save you money, whether you are insured or not.

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