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How Much Root Canal Cost In Los Angeles, CA

Most people will dread going to the dentist for fear that the fees are exorbitant. In some procedures the fees are higher than in others. However, regular visits to the dentist, which can reduce instances of having to deal with dental problems are not expensive. Some people will choose to avoid root canal and instead go for teeth extraction, which is much inexpensive. Put simply, root canal is a procedure that involves cleaning the infection inside a tooth and everything surrounding the tooth. 

The only safe alternative Los Angeles root canal is tooth extraction. Instead of procrastinating the root canal procedure, know the cost and get it removed before the infection escalates. 

The Cost of Root Canal in Los Angeles

Before a practice, you should do research and choose one that offers the best prices. For a front tooth, the cost is between $600 and $1000. Cost for the bicuspid teeth range from $700 to $1200 while root canal on a molar ranges between $1000 and $1400. 

There are different factors that will influence the overall cost of the root canal procedure including insurance cover, the intensity of the infection, and the condition of your teeth. 

You should note that, the dentist will need to fill the tooth after the root canal and this will cost extra money. Filling can cost about $500. Granted, be prepared to use about $2000 from the beginning of the treatment to the end. However, if you have more teeth that need root canal, prepare to spend more. 

Insurance Cover

While the figures above are huge, you may spend less with insurance, or you can search online for a cheaper dentist. Most dental insurers will cover between 50 and 90 percent of the cost of root canal. Dental insurance, in most cases, are about $200. This means that, if the total cost of the root canal and the filling is $1400, you may find yourself paying only $420. 

How to Save on Your Root Canal

If you do not have dental insurance, you have to pay the full price. However, there are still a couple more ways to save on root canal procedure. For starters, you can choose a dental school for care. However, you will need a qualified dentist to oversee the treatment. You can choose a school where there are dentists such as Dr. Arman Torbati

You can use a credit card to get Century City root canal. Though you will pay more for the root canal, it is better than letting the bills go to collections and harm your credit score. You can also ask for a cash-pay discount or a payment plan from the dentist of your choice. 

Get a Root Canal in Los Angeles

There is no flat Los Angeles root canal cost. You have to choose from different dental care centers and choose a good one. You can choose Dr. Arman Torbati and get a good balance between price and quality services. Dr. Arman is available at 310.553.3428 for consultations and appointments. Before you seek Beverly Hills root canal, call a specialist and get the details.

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