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How should I take care of my dental veneers?

Dental veneers are just like any other part of the mouth when it comes to cleaning. These dental appliances not only look good but act much like natural teeth for brushing and flossing. While dealing with veneers, it is important to keep some handy tips in mind that could prolong the life of veneers as you ensure they keep looking good.

Clean Veneers Just as You Would Regular Teeth.

It might seem like you are dealing with a strange entity in your mouth at first, but soon they become like second nature. That means, giving them the cleaning that you would any other part of your mouth. Brush twice a day and floss daily to keep them clean as well as free from plaque. More than just a way to keep fresh breath and pearly white smiles, these smile steps promote good dental health, especially for the gums. In the quest to take care of the veneers, make sure not to overbrush. While lack of care can be an issue, overbrushing can damage the enamel from constant wear.

Choose the Right Toothpaste and Toothbrush for Veneers.

Not all tubes of toothpaste are created the same when it comes to veneer care and overall oral health. Watch out for toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda anywhere among the ingredients list. Why are these ingredients such a problem for veneers.? Much of the answer lies in their harshness as well as how they break down the overall composition of each one with just a single use. A gel is the better choice for protecting and caring for the appliances. Also, there is no need for whitening toothpaste when veneers are nearby. Because they feature an already white and clean appearance, it serves no purpose to add anything with whitening ingredients. More than unnecessary, they can potentially damage the veneer surface. Look for a toothbrush with soft bristles, hard bristles may scratch the veneer and cause more harm than good during care. Be aware that some electric options may also be a problem for veneers and check with a dental professional before adding them into a routine.

Pay Attention to What You Eat.

It might not seem like the first thought of dental care, but diet matters when veneers are in play. A basic rule of thumb is to use the same care with foods that you would for teeth without veneers. Avoid biting into any hard foods such as raw apples, chips or even ice; these items can cause not only a broken tooth but also damage the surface. Keep an eye out for foods that can cause decay over time. Sugar and acid are at the top of the list because both leave lasting damage. Both choices cause harm that cannot be reversed and may even lead to veneer replacement over time. If in doubt, always check the ingredient list and do some cross-referencing of those hard to pronounce names to make sure they are safe.

Consider Mouthguards

Mouthguards may be a help to save veneers under certain situation and keep down the costs of veneers in Los Angeles. The biggest need comes from how someone treats their teeth while sleeping. If someone grinds their teeth at night then a mouthguard can help alleviate the stress and strain throughout a mouth. Of course, the original use for a mouth guard is also still important for people who play sports. Any contact sport can damage the veneers; there are many sports like boxing, basketball that require a mouthguard as well.

Regular Checkups

Be sure to visit a dentist for a checkup to ensure the veneers are properly taken care of. Any problems with the veneers can be found before they get worse like a chip or crack that, when untreated, could lead to the veneer loosening. Also, any problems with general dental health like cavities or gum disease can be found early on. These potential dangers otherwise could damage the gum, leading to a weaker tooth and weaker veneer placement.

Dental veneers can be one of the best choices for improving a smile. Much like real teeth, they deserve care and preservation just like any other part of oral care. Establishing a great oral care routine along with a dental professional is one of the best ways to ensure the entire mouth is safe.

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