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Pros and Cons of Root Canals

People with tooth pain

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures performed in the U.S. This procedure has a dentist remove the infected pulp of the tooth to relieve aching and prevent tooth loss. 

Although it's a painful procedure, a root canal is a fast, inexpensive way to solve a lot of dental issues. But there are so many questions surrounding this operation. Is it a safe procedure? What makes a person a candidate for a root canal? What are the pros and cons

What makes someone a candidate for a root canal?

There are plenty of reasons that make a person eligible for a root canal. 

Here's what can make someone an ideal candidate for a root canal:

  • You have extreme pain while chewing food
  • Your teeth have severe sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Your gums are significantly inflamed or swollen
  • Your teeth have a good prognosis and would rather avoid tooth extraction
  • Tiny bumps are developing around the aching teeth and gums
  • Children who are at least three to four years old

If you fit any of these criteria, then you are a candidate for a root canal in Los Angeles.

Types of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments, or RCT for short, come in two different forms and each one is different for adults and children. Because the damaged the root is removed and replaced by a rubber-like material, the procedure saves the dentist from having to completely remove the tooth. 

Here are the two types of root canal procedures that adults have:

  • Nonsurgical RCT - This is mainly used to check the inflammation, however, if it does not help, a second RCT needs to be performed.
  • Apicoectomy - Whenever a primary RCT is unable to be performed, an apicoectomy is done instead. It is a microsurgical procedure which removes any infected tissues along with the tooth.

For children, one of two different but similar procedures will be performed:

  • Pulpotomy - This procedure has the dentist remove both the infected pulp and nerve, but the nerve of the root is untouched.
  • Pulpectomy - This procedure removes all of the nerve and pulp including the root.

What are the pros and cons of a root canal?

As with any kind of surgical operation, root canals have their pros and cons. These factors will help you decide whether or not you need a root canal. 


  • The operation prevents infection
  • Root canals cure the tooth decay
  • The pulp of the tooth is kept from being damaged further
  • There is no need for a tooth extraction after a root canal
  • It balances out a person's bite force
  • Root canals have results that are able to last for a lifetime


  • After the treatment, your tooth won't be as strong
  • The tooth may need to have a crown applied to it
  • You may feel slight discomfort after the operation

Are you in need of a root canal? Contact Arman Torbati today to schedule an appointment today!

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