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Where to get Full Arch Dental Implants in Los Angeles

full-arch Full Arch Dental Implants in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Arman Torbati DDS. is an associate professor at USC, and a prosthodontist, cosmetic, and implant dentist. He attended USC and Harvard and is a member of the American Board of Prosthodontists. With over 20 years’ experience under his belt, he is considered among the best dentist in West Los Angeles. He has specialized in providing numerous dental related services including full arc dental implants, teeth whitening, and porcelain veneers.

What Are Full Arch Dental Implants?

A full arch dental implant refers to a procedure performed to assist in restoring the beauty and function of your smile. Advanced 3-D imaging equipment is used during the procedure to establish where the implant should go. Having done this, the next step is to rely on a surgical guide to carefully install implant posts. Their purpose is to provide a support system for your customized dentures. You can expect to have a lifelike and exceptionally stable restoration by the end of the procedure.

Ideal Candidates for the Procedure

The procedure is recommended for individuals who have lost many or all of their teeth. It will also work well for those who have suffered from extensive dental damage requiring extensive mouth extraction. A person can also opt to have the full arch implants if they are currently using removable dentures. This option provides them with a more comfortable, natural-looking, and durable option. Before the procedure, Arman Torbati DDS will use a CT to study your jawbone. The 3-D observation is intended to check whether the jawbone has experienced any degeneration. Its presence will affect the implants’ stability. Bone grafting is the solution often recommended to assist in the creation of a stable foundation before installing the implants.

Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

Full arch restoration can assist in enhancing your appearance, health, and overall oral function. It’s a procedure best undertaken by any person missing some or many of their teeth on their lower or upper jaws. As mentioned, the treatment relies on the use of natural-looking prosthetics to supplant the missing teeth. Its benefits include:

1. Improved Stability

The full arch dental implants function and feel like your original teeth. Your implants are attached to the prosthetic thereby enhancing their stability. For increased security, the implants are also integrated with your normal jawbone. After undertaking this procedure, the patient will get to laugh, eat, and speak without worrying about losing the dentures.

2. Maintains the Health of Your Jawbone

Getting implants is considered a healthy move for your jawbone. Degeneration will start to occur when the roots of your teeth go missing. Jawbone growth is stimulated by dental implants in the same way natural teeth do it. The result is that the jaw will continue to retain its density and strength even after the installation of the implants. Retaining the health of your jaw is critical to preventing the emergence of wrinkles and sunken cheeks. Often, this comes about when a person is missing or suffering from tooth loss.

3. Enhanced Appearance

Your appearance will improve when the best dentist in West Los Angeles replaces the missing teeth with the real-life prosthetic. Not many people will notice the difference as the prosthetics will easily complement the existing facial features. Once the procedure is complete, you can now go back to smiling in public without a care in the world.


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