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Why Do I Have Pain After Root Canal

When you're faced with a root canal los angeles, you're dealing with more than the cost of root canal los angeles. You can't help but worry about the pain this common procedure is going to cause. You've heard too many stories from friends and family that have made you want to avoid a root canal at all costs. Before you jump to tooth extraction, learn the truth about a root canal los angeles and why this treatment is the right move for you. Most importantly, remember that a root canal will help you to save your tooth.

Pain is Caused by an Infection in Your Tooth

You're afraid of the pain caused by a root canal los angeles, but you aren't going to experience pain from your procedure. You're in pain right now because the pulp inside of your tooth has become infected. You may have an abscess to complicate matters further. Your dentist can prescribe you a powerful antibiotic to treat the infection, but the tooth has to be treated in order to eliminate the source of the problem. Your root canal los angeles will allow your dentist to remove the infected pulp, disinfect the inside of your tooth, and fill it. The root of your tooth will not be removed. When all is said and done, your tooth will be fully functioning. Best of all, you get to keep it.

A Root Canal is Painless

Place yourself in the hands of a skilled dentist for a root canal los angeles to have optimal results. Dr. Arman Torbati will begin with a local anesthetic before your root canal los angeles is under way. The gum will be numbed before you even have your first shot of local anesthesia. If you experience anxiety prior to dental procedures, an oral sedative or intravenous sedative can help you to relax during your root canal los angeles. You will experience no pain throughout the process. Once your root canal is completed, you will finally feel relief from the tooth that has been tormenting you.

Learn More About a Root Canal and What You Can Expect

To learn more about the cost of root canal los angeles and what you can expect during the procedure, you can visit Dr. Torbati's office or make your appointment for a consultation. Even if you are not experiencing pain but discover that the pulp of your tooth has become infected, you need to have a root canal los angeles in order to save the tooth. Once you have undergone treatment, you may have some sensitivity around your tooth, but any discomfort will not last. Dr. Torbati will follow up with you after your procedure to monitor your progress and create a permanent crown or filling. Call today to begin the journey toward a healthier tooth, one that you can keep for years to come without feeling anymore pain.

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