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Why go to a prosthodontics for your cosmetic dentistry?


According to the American College of Prosthodontists (ADA), the term "prosthodontist" literally translates to mean "dealing with teeth replacement."

This is a highly specialized area of oral medicine that requires completion of dental school plus an extra three years of advanced ADA-accredited graduate-level training. Only a small percentage of practicing oral health professionals have completed this advanced education and training and are licensed to practice as prosthodontists.

When you choose to see a Los Angeles prosthodontist for your cosmetic dentistry needs, you are receiving oral health care at the highest levels plus detailed knowledge and training about facial and dental aesthetics to achieve your appearance and health goals.

Why Choose a Prosthodontist for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Needs?

Just as you wouldn't choose to get your vehicle repaired by the kid down the street who just finished a weekend seminar in auto shop, so too it is important to entrust your oral health to a true professional who will do everything right the first time.

When you look behind the scenes in the field of prosthodontics, you will learn there are two key elements to success in any cosmetic dentistry procedure: maximizing oral health and achieving the patient's appearance goals.

Meeting both goals in full can quickly become more complicated than it sounds. Often existing oral health issues such as missing or misaligned teeth must be addressed before the cosmetic surgery will be a complete success.

This involves understanding the structure of the jaw, teeth, soft tissues and facial architectures and precisely calculating the necessary adjustments to ensure the desired outcome.

Without the advanced education, training and clinical practice that a prosthodontist brings to the table, you may discover too late that, in attempting to solve one problem you have inadvertently created another!

How a Prosthodontist Can Help Achieve Your Appearance Goals

Cosmetic dentistry isn't just about putting your best smile forward into the world.

Having a smile you love to share can also translate to greater success at your chosen career and in your relationships - and there is research to prove this!

Chances are good if you want to change something about your smile, there is also an underlying oral health issue driving your dissatisfaction. It could be persistent jaw pain associated with TMJ. Or it might be that your teeth are too crowded or poorly spaced because of tooth loss.

You may also have unsightly chips or cracks in your teeth or discoloration from prior habits or genetics. Or your teeth may be misaligned, creating chronic cavities, gum sensitivity and early stage gum disease. You may even have more than one of these concerns at work, requiring a comprehensive approach to remedy existing issues as well as bring out the natural beauty of your smile.

Without correcting these underlying oral health issues, it will not be possible to provide you with a permanently straight, white, brilliant smile you can trust to be there every time you need it.

Only a prosthodontist has the full complement of education, training and hands-on clinical expertise to identify the underlying health issues, address them in full with the latest cutting-edge technology and build your beautiful straight white smile on a firm foundation of lasting oral health.

Who Is Dr. Arman Torbati?

Dr. Arman Torbati is a Diplomate for the American Board of Prosthodontists - an honor accorded him by way of a comprehensive knowledge and practice review by his peers.

With an education from the prestigious University of Southern California and Harvard University, plus more than 20 years of clinical expertise as a board-certified prosthodontist handling some of the most difficult cases in the Prosthodontics field, Dr. Torbati continues to be sought after as a professor, lecturer, researcher and leader in his field.

Next Steps to a Straight, White, Stunning Smile

Dr. Arman Torbati specializes in prosthodontistry, aesthetic and implant dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, Invisalign, full-mouth rehabilitation, TMJ treatment, smile makeovers and all aspects of preventative, treatment and maintenance oral health care.

The first step to achieving optimal oral health and a gorgeous, permanent smile is to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Torbati. During your consultation, you can discuss your health concerns and appearance goals, learn about different treatment options, discuss financing and get all your questions answered.

To learn more about how prosthondontistry can help you look and feel your best and schedule your initial one-on-one consultation with Dr. Torbati, visit our contact page.

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