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Why Should You See a Prosthodontist?


If you’re one of those lucky few who hasn’t lost a tooth or required a crown, then chances are you don’t know what a prosthodontist is. Prosthodontistry is a special type of dentistry that primarily focuses on missing teeth. Prosthodontists in Los Angeles are highly trained professionals that can treat a multitude of dental problems as well as give their patients specialized care based on their needs. 
Continue reading to learn more about prosthodontists and why you should see one. 

Prosthodontistry As a Whole

Prosthodontistry is more than replacing missing teeth. It is also focused on restoration, specifically with jaw issues and lost teeth. If you were in need of some dentures or another form of prosthetic teeth, the first person you would see is a prosthodontist. Aside from repairing dental issues to restore a person’s bite, prosthodontists also make sure that your teeth have a natural and attractive appearance. 

What is the difference between prosthodontists and dentists

Prosthodontists specialize in the more advanced areas of dentistry while dentists focus on the basics such as keeping your teeth clean and healthy. In fact, dentists often refer patients to prosthodontists for treatment that’s outside of basic dentistry. You can think of the difference the same way you would with an orthopaedist and a family doctor.

The Education of a Prosthodontist

In order to become a prosthodontist, a dentist has to have four years worth of education to become a doctor of dental medicine (DMD) or a doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). Once one of these degrees are acquired, the dentist must complete another three years worth of school that’s accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA) to become a prosthodontist. This process is very similar that regular doctors go through in order to achieve a certain specialization.

What can a prosthodontist treat?

Prosthodontists are able to treat a wide variety of dental issues with most of them involving missing teeth. Besides that, these dentists can also help with snoring disorders, sleep apnea and even cleft palates. If a patient’s case is too severe, a prosthodontist will work with a team of other dental professionals to relieve the problem.

As you can see, prosthodontists are very adept in their field of practice. So, if you have any missing or damaged teeth or are suffering from a sleep disorder, contact Arman Torbati DDS today to schedule an appointment. He’ll help make sure that your teeth are back to normal and you can get a good night’s rest.

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