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Why You Shouldn’t Miss a Dentist’s Appointment in Times of Covid-19


Every six months, you need to visit your dentist for a check-up. Some people stay for years before seeing a dentist, but that should never be the case. As covid-19 looms, more people are avoiding a visit to their dentist with the fear that it increases their chances of contracting the disease. If you can go to the market to buy goods, the dental clinic is safer than the market, by far. Missing out an appointment can turn minor dental issues into illnesses that may need extensive procedures to restore.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss a Dentist Appointment

The main reason to visit a dentist regularly is to catch potential teeth problems in their early stages before they exacerbate to major issues. Conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis can be addressed through teeth cleaning. If left to progress, these conditions could result in teeth extraction or extensive surgery that will cost you a lot of money. Another reason to see dentist regularly is to thoroughly clean your teeth. While it is important to brush and floss your teeth every day, there are parts of your teeth that you will not clean thoroughly. At the dental office, the dentist removes tartar and plague, which may lead to other dental conditions. Thirdly, the dentist can screen you for oral cancer to catch it at its early stages. Oral cancer is impossible to treat if detected at advanced stages. Through oral screening, the dentist can identify early signs of oral cancer and advise you accordingly.

How Dr. Arman Torbati's Los Angeles Dental Office Protects You

We take the necessary steps to protect you from Covid-19. For starters, we do not allow non-patient visitors into the clinic. If you are coming for a check-up, we prefer that you come alone to avoid unnecessary contacts. This way, we limit the number of people in our clinic and with it the chances of an infection.

Our Staff Are Tested

All staff members have undergone tests to ensure that they are safe. From the receptionist to those who work in the lab, everyone is safe to handle clients. When you step into the offices, you are sure only healthy professionals will handle you. This has happened in most hospitals and clinics around the country as a precautionary measure to protect patients.

We Take the Necessary Hygienic Measures and Have the Right PPE

Even though hospital and clinic staff has undergone Covid-19 tests, necessary care is still taken to ensure no patient infects a doctor with the disease. Clinics and hospitals around the country have provided staff with personal protection equipment, PPEs, to keep them safe. This way, no member of staff gets the disease to later spread it. All clinic equipment, rooms, surfaces, and everything else a patient might come into contact with has been sterilized to avoid any infections from surfaces and equipment. Hospitals and clinics are at the frontline in promoting good hygiene practices such as handwashing and sanitizing. When you walk into the clinic, you first wash your hands and sanitize. This way, no patient will bring in the virus to the clinic.

The Prosthodontist Takes Precautions

After examining a patient, Dr. Arman changes the protective gear before examining the next patient to limit the spread of infections. It has been standard practice to change gloves and other equipment, but it is more important today to change PPEs. The doctor also washes their hands often to limit the spread of coronavirus. The doctor’s room remains closed at all time when a patient is in to minimize interactions between patients.

We Teach Patients

We are teaching standard hygiene practices such as hand washing practices and avoiding contact with people suspected of having covid-19. In times of covid-19, people can panic and make simple mistakes that may lead to infections. At Dr. Arman Torbati's Los Angeles dental office, we understand that times are tough and people are facing turbulent times. This is why we educate those who visit our clinic on how to stay safe and avoid panicking.

Staff Training and Preparedness

We have laid out all the systems to protect you and our staff. For starters, we train our staff on how to use PPEs to stay safe from infections. The staff also learns to recognize the symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, and coughing. They also understand the steps to take when someone with symptoms come to the hospital. When you come to the clinic, it is the staff that teaches you the hygiene practices you should follow as laid out by the Center for Disease Control, CDC. None of our staff comes to work when they are sick. If they develop symptoms at work, we send them home after testing, for them to recover at home.

What You Can Do to Stay Safe


Keep Your Mask On

Unless you are removing the mask during examination, you should keep your mask up all the time. A mask should cover your nose and mouth and not leave any spaces on the sides. If a mask doesn’t fit to avoid spaces on the sides, it exposes you to infections. Avoid constantly touching your mask as you might transfer the virus from your hands to the mask.

Wash Your Hands or Sanitize

You can avoid the virus by simply washing your hands or using sanitizer provided at the clinic. Once you do that, avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily to keep your hands free from contamination. You can limit contact by scheduling an appointment before visiting the dental office so you never have to wait on the bench for long.

Follow the Set Systems at the Clinic

The clinic has created a system to protect all patients. You have to start by washing your hands with soap and water, keep you mask on, observe social distance, and follow any other protocols that we have set. We have set these systems to protect you and your family.

Schedule An Appointment

To avoid staying at Dr. Arman Torbati's Los Angeles dental office for more than you need to, schedule an appointment before visiting. The clinic is fully operational for any cosmetic dentistry procedures or check-up.

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