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A healthy and nice smile is very important to your happiness and self-confidence. Dr. Arman Torbati’s dental office in Los Angeles offers many solutions to making sure you are pleased with the face smiling back at you in the mirror. We offer dental crowns that give your smile a balanced and uniformed appearance.

Numerous factors may affect the integrity and strength of your teeth. You may have a chipped tooth, a cracked tooth or even a lost filling. When either of these things happens, dental crowns are the best way to save the tooth or teeth. With dental crowns, you receive a prosthetic restoration for teeth that are damaged or missing. These crowns are placed over the surface of your natural teeth and used to securely fill gaps to restore your smile.

Additionally, dental crowns can help you bite and chew food better, which will have a positive impact on your digestive system and other systems in your body. Your crowns will be bonded by Dr. Arman Torbati, an experienced Los Angeles dentist who has served the community for many years.

Why Dental Crowns are a Good Option

When you have a desire to correct the appearance of one tooth or teeth that are discolored, missing or chipped, dental crowns are good options. These are useful for cosmetic purposes. Dr. Torbati is very interested in helping you smile proudly and confidently.

Receiving Dental Crowns from Dr. Arman Torbati in Los Angeles

Dental crowns are created when two crowned teeth serve as anchors on both sides of a tooth that is missing. A false tooth fills the gap. Crowns are used to cap an existing tooth so it is restored to a natural looking shape, size, appearance and strength.

Before receiving the crown, Dr. Torbati will take impressions of the tooth to ensure the match is a close as possible to your actual tooth. This will help to prevent any issues with spacing or biting. Once the impression is complete, your tooth is modified and reduced so space is created for a temporary crown, and eventually a permanent crown. When it is time, the permanent crown will be cemented and placed above the gum line just as your original tooth did.

Beautifully created dental crowns can restore the appearance and strength of your smile!

Caring for Your Dental Crowns

When you take care of your dental crowns made with good quality techniques, your crowns can last at least eight years or longer. Flossing in the area of the crown is crucial to avoiding excess plaque or debris that can collect around the restoration Some behaviors that can shorten the life of dental crowns are teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Eating hard candy, brittle foods and ice can also compromise the adhesion used to support the crown. Damage is also a strong possibility from any of these behaviors.

A Harvard and USC graduate, Dr. Torbati is available to further discuss the process of dental crowns. Scheduling a consultation puts you closer to receiving proper dental care from a professional Los Angeles dentist who is an associate professor with USC and also serves as an American Board of Prosthodontics diplomat.

Don’t delay. Your healthy smile is waiting!