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You are tired of migraines, earaches, and sinus problems. And we completely understand. Who wouldn't be sick of feeling that way?

What you are suffering from is called temporomandibular joint syndrome, more commonly known as TMJ. And the good news is, we have a solution for you. Treatment options are available and they are not far away for those in the Los Angeles area.

What Caused My TMJ?

The joint in question is the one that connects your jaw bone to the bones in front of your ears, or your temporal bones. It is not always immediately clear what causes TMJ, but there are several possible explanations for it. The causes might vary from grinding your teeth to a blow to the face, and the treatment plan needs to be as specific as the cause of the condition. A mouth guard to prevent teeth grinding will not help anyone who has been hit in the face with a softball, even though both individuals might be suffering from TMJ.

If unassociated with an injury TMJ symptoms most commonly start with the inability to open or close your mouth completely. Other symptoms might include facial pain, clicking sounds when opening or closing your mouth, trouble chewing, or feeling swollen in the facial area. Toothaches and earaches are also common in individuals with TMJ.

How Is TMJ Treated?

How we treat your TMJ in the Los Angeles area depends on your individual circumstances, so give us a call and set up a consultation today. You have probably already tried ice or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and not had much luck. We will take a look and determine the appropriate course of action to treat your TMJ. Dental work, a night guard, or other medications are all available treatment options, but a consult with our prosthodontist will help illuminate the right treatment path for your TMJ.

If none of those options is the right one for you, there are additional treatments available such as an ultrasound that applies deep heat to the joint, or even surgery as a last resort. But these are for very specific causes, so call us today to determine the right course of treatment for you.

Where Can I Find Treatment For My TMJ in Los Angeles or Century City?

An associate professor at USC, Dr. Arman Torbati is also a diplomat with the American Board of Prosthodontics and a joint Harvard and USC graduate who is well equipped to help with your TMJ treatment. If you are in the Los Angeles or Century City area, you are in luck. We are easily accessible from anywhere in the metro area and accepting new patients, so do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

A consult with our team can help determine the proper course of treatment, and ultimately put a stop to your discomfort. Dr. Torbati, our expert prosthodontist, is specially trained to help diagnose your jaw or other facial pain and develop a treatment plan suited to each individual patient. Please give us a call today for your consultation.