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If you are missing multiple teeth, Dr. Arman Torbati may recommend getting dentures and partials. These prosthetic teeth are attached to a gum-colored base that will replace the teeth you are missing. At Dr. Torbati’s dental office, we offer full and partial dentures to restore your smile.

When all teeth in the arch are missing, full dentures are the appropriate plate to use. They can restore the upper, lower or both arches. Partial dentures are used when you still have some natural teeth in the arch.

Both full and partial dentures in Los Angeles are custom made. This ensures you have an aesthetically pleasing smile that fits securely and comfortably.

Dr. Torbati may suggest dentures and partials for different reasons including:

  • Improving your ability to eat and speak normally
  • Restoring volume lost in your face
  • Enhancing your beautiful smile

Why Choose Dr. Torbati for Dentures and Partials in Los Angeles, CA?

Dentures do more than simply replace your missing teeth. They can also help improve your quality of life and restore confidence. If you have lost one or more natural teeth, dentures can improve your dental health as well as your visual features. Additionally, dentures can prevent facial muscles from weakening.

Dr. Torbati is fully aware of the difference dentures can make in your life. If getting full or partial dentures is his professional recommendation, he will make sure you are fully comfortable with the process. Dr. Torbati understands the importance of making the right decisions about your oral health. Now serving the Los Angeles area, Dr. Torbati received his education from Harvard and the University of Southern California. In addition to his dental practice, he is also a diplomat on the American Board of Prosthodontic and an associate professor at USC.

If you need full dentures, Dr. Torbati will take measurements of your teeth. Typically, this can be a quick replacement once all teeth are removed. To avoid a period of time being toothless, you may want to begin wearing your dentures immediately.

However, you may still need to schedule follow-up visits for adjustments. Dentures require additional time to adjust to the jaw bone structure of your mouth. In the beginning, they may feel loose. This is because the dentures will not be tightened until the recovery process completes. The way you eat and speak can be affected. Eventually, dentures will adapt to natural jaw functions and begin to feel like your natural teeth.

Maintaining your dentures properly is very important. Just like your natural teeth, dentures must receive consistent dental hygiene practices. Brush them regularly to remove food particles and plaque. After taking them out, you should place them in denture solutions or room temperature water. Since dentures and partials are removable, you can clean them several time a day.

If you have multiple missing teeth and would like to learn more about how dentures and partials can help to improve your smile, contact Dr. Torbati today. Your call to schedule a consultation in Los Angeles is welcomed. Soon, you will be on your way to smiling more with a healthy and beautiful smile!