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Are Digital X-Rays Safe?

Digital x-ray (or radiography) is the newest advance in dental imaging, and asides from added diagnosis advantages, they use only a small fraction of traditional radiography's radiation levels. As with any new technology, patients question it's safety and effectiveness, but both have been thoroughly evaluated by professionals and are now helping people worldwide.
There are many offices taking advantage of this advanced technology, like the Los Angeles based office of Dr. Arman Torbati. This reputed dentist and prosthodont put his extensive and continued education behind the use of digital X-ray imagine for the comfort and safety of his patients. The benefits of this precise technique of diagnosis and the low risks it presents make it an important piece of equipment in an office that strives for the best possible patient care.
Digital radiography effectively cuts down on radiation usage from 80 to 90 percent when compared to the older dental x-rays. Withe image stored electronically on a computer instead of a film, doctors have instant access to it and can even enlarge it at will, facilitating diagnostics and fostering communication with the patient.
The minimal radiation emitted by digital x-rays should also be judged against the many health benefits it does present. Radiation may be vestigial but the advantages of early diagnosis are very real. It can detect tooth decay, abscesses, cavities, bone loss, tumors and many other dental problems. Treatment in early stages of each issue can save patients from painful advances in the disease or costly procedures later on.
Also, these minimal amounts of radiation are all around us in our day-to-day lives. From the sun itself to home appliances and certain naturally occurring minerals, we come into contact with it on a daily basis in harmless dosages.
Not only are digital x-rays an important tool in the diagnosis of many diseases, they take less time and since they don't demand the use of a large mouthpiece like traditional x-rays do, they also become much more comfortable. The electronic capture of the images does away with the time it takes to develop regular radiographies and also cuts down on chemicals released into the environment when they have to be disposed of.
Even if the amount of radiation dispersed when taking a digital X-ray is minimal and not harmful by any standard, your dentist will still take all possible measures to cut down on exposure. You will be given a lead body apron and only be advised to take as many x-rays as deemed medically necessary by your dentist.
You should feel safe following the recommendation of your dentist on the frequency of your digital x-rays, especially knowing their advantages to both you and your doctor. As with any other procedure, your oral care professional will be there to clarify any doubts and help you achieve a healthy smile.

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