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Cost of Gum Contouring in Los Angeles

If you find that your smile displays more of your gums than you would like, a dental treatment known as gum contouring can actually help with this problem, which will cost you around $250-$3,000. These costs are just estimates that offer a general idea of what you should expect to pay. If you want an exact cost for your specific situation, contact our dental offices in Los Angeles today to book a consultation with one of our dentists. When provided by a reputable dentist who has experience with the gum contouring treatment, this dental solution can give you a more natural looking smile. 

What Gum Contouring Entails 

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that can change the appearance of your gums and provide you with a healthier smile. If you find that your teeth generally look small and somewhat incomplete, it's likely because your gums are overlapping your teeth too much, which will give you a gummy smile. If your gum tissue has extended over the enamel of your teeth, this tissue can be removed through the gum contouring treatment. A small laser or similar cutting tool is typically used throughout the procedure to safely yet effectively remove the excessive amount of gums surrounding your teeth. Although there is some general soreness that accompanies this treatment, the gums typically heal very quickly, which makes this one of the safest dental treatments around. 

Is Gum Contouring Right for You? 

Given the fact that this treatment comes with very little risks, most individuals who suffer from a gummy smile are good candidates for the treatment. Some of the problems that can be effectively corrected with gum contouring include protruding gums, gums that have become discolored, teeth that are too short, and a gum line that's uneven. If you notice any of these issues with your gums, you should heavily consider gum contouring. Schedule a consultation with our dental offices today to get a better idea of whether or not this treatment is right for you. 

How to Heighten Effectiveness of Gum Contouring Treatment 

While gum contouring helps with improving the appearance of your smile, the effectiveness of the treatment is bolstered when combined with other dental treatments. If you want a more natural looking smile, consider combining gum contouring with cosmetic treatments like dental bonding or porcelain veneers, both of which are designed to improve the appearance of your teeth when you're suffering from substantial amounts of staining or cracks in the teeth. 

Costs Pertaining to Gum Contouring 

Costs associated with gum contouring depend largely on the extent of the treatment. If a large portion of your gums need to be treated with gum contouring, it's likely that the costs will be on the upper end of the $250-$3,000 estimate. If the treatment area is centralized around a single tooth, the costs will likely be low. If the entire gum line needs to be treated, the costs will be substantially higher. 

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