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Dental Implants or Dentures which one is the best treatment for missing tooth


Many people ask which type of dental implant is better, permanent or removable. The short answer is that it depends on what you want. This article will guide you through a couple of comparisons to help you decide between having a removable or permanent dental implant. The difference between a denture and an implant is not so obvious, but here are some of the key differences.

The Price

A denture is more expensive because it is a more complicated procedure with more parts, but it is less expensive than the dental implant solution.

The Shape of the Fit of the Denture

A dental implant fits much like a regular tooth in that it will fit into a small bone cavity on its own. A removable denture gets made with multiple pieces fitted on each other to create a near-perfect look and feel of having your teeth.

Your Ability to Chew Food

Dental Implants in Los Angeles is better for chewing food because it forms a stable fit on top of your bone and prevents everything from being pushed down into the bone cavity while you try to eat. A removable denture generates more friction when chewing and is less functional than an implant.

The Maintenance Required

Removable denture is much easier to maintain than a dental implant since removable dentures can be taken off at night and replaced each morning, whereas the implant needs to be left in place for the entire period that it is healing.

The Ease of Daily Use

A removable denture is much easier to use during the day since it can get taken out easily, whereas a dental implant will be harder to clean and needs to be left in place for the entire length of time healing.

The Appearance of Your Smile

Dental Implants in Los Angeles look like you have always had them when well cared for, but a removable denture could leave your smile looking much different than before the treatment.


A removable denture is much more functional than a dental implant because it can be taken off at night and washed. The implant has to be left in place for the entire length of time that it is healing.

The Comfort of Your Smile

The implant is a much more comfortable solution because it fits perfectly into your bone cavity and creates a stable fit. At the same time, the removable denture will be loose on your teeth and can rub against them, causing discomfort.

The Type of Implant

Dental Implants in Los Angeles is a more permanent solution. In contrast, a removable denture is a temporary solution that can be removed and replaced with a new set of dentures at any time.

The Healing Time

Dr. Arman Torbati recommends that implant patients leave in place for the entire healing time, which can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. A removable denture can be removed and replaced at any time since it gets only used temporarily.

The Feel of Your Smile

A dental implant is much more natural because it fits exactly into your bone cavity. At the same time, the removable denture, on the other hand, has a loose fit that can cause discomfort and can rub against your teeth during chewing.

Getting A Permanent Denture

The removable option is easier to get than a dental implant because you can get one immediately after losing your teeth. In contrast, you would have to wait until the implant gets healed before using one.

The Level of Care Required

A removable dental implant will require much more care than normal because it can come out and get lost, whereas the implant is always in the same place and needs less maintenance./

A dental implant is the better option for replacing missing teeth because it is more natural-looking, comfortable, and functional. The only real disadvantage to an implant is that you must wait until after it gets healed before you can use one. However, you will find that a dental implant done by Dr. Arman Torbati will be much more useful than a removable denture. If you want a dental implant, call Dr. Arman Torbati.

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