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Where to Go For Full Mouth Dental Implants in Santa Monica

Getting dental implants is a big step. Where should you go in Santa Monica to get full mouth dental implants? Dr. Arman Torbati is a reputable oral surgeon serving the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area. What can he do to help? Missing multiple teeth can make an individual feel embarrassed, but it's important to find out where you can go for full mouth dental implants in Santa Monica.

What you should consider with full mouth dental implants

Replacing multiple teeth could call for a variety of solutions. Bridges and dentures are viable options, but there's still more to think about. Full mouth dental implants are certainly a bigger financial commitment than dentures, but they are longer lasting. Once you understand the long-term benefits of dental implants over dentures, you'll begin to see that they could be the best choice for you regardless of age or health status. What are the primary reasons to consider full mouth dental implants?

  1. A lifelong solution. Implants are unable to be removed. Once the procedure has been done, and the implants have been put in they are permanent. Dentures are something you can remove daily, but they also require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Those who are in search of full mouth dental implants in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area will need an experienced and reputable periodontist. Implants are securely attached via titanium screws. They screw into the jaw bone, giving them stability and acting as natural teeth. It is for this reason that they promote the healthy growth of the surrounding teeth.
  2. Overall comfort and stability. When your natural teeth are unstable and become damaged, it's important to consider options that bring you overall comfort and stability. Dentures are removable, and they require a clasp in order to attach to the closest teeth. Implants cannot be removed once they have been placed into the jaw bone. These create stability and they keep the look and feel of your mouth, naturally.
  3. Improved bone health and quality. Did you know that implants promote the growth of your bones? They also promote better quality of the bone structure. Dentures do not act as natural teeth, so they are only temporary, and they are only somewhat attached to the surrounding teeth. The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), has stated that dentures can cause further deterioration of the bone structure of the jaw and teeth.
  4. Ease of care and maintenance. The best part about getting full mouth dental implants is that they are in for life. Dr. Arman Torbati in Santa Monica offers full mouth dental implants for those who are looking for a life long solution with less upkeep. Dentures require a daily removal, cleaning and soaking. Once implants have been put in, you won't have to remove them or clean them. Brushing twice a day is must for keeping teeth clean, and implants are no exception.

Implants are like natural teeth. Dr. Arman Torbati will teach you how to take care of your new teeth once your implants have been put in. You can relax and smile as you would any other time with confidence. Knowing that your teeth are intact is a tremendous help for how your dental work will turn out. Your dental health is so important. Santa Monica has been benefitting from the services of Dr. Arman Torbati for many years. Once the implants are in, he can teach you more about brushing, flossing, and the daily care for your teeth. Implants involved far more than dentures, and they take greater care. Remember, your expert periodontist will talk to you about how to care for your teeth and your new implants.

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