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2020 Alternative to Dentures

dentures Altenative to Dentures in Los Angeles, Ca

In the last 20 years, Arman Torbati DDS has become a renowned household name in Los Angeles. His office is a premier destination for patients looking for dental treatment and alternatives to dentures. In addition to being among the best dentist in West Los Angeles, he is also an associate professor. This is in addition to attending and graduating from USC and Harvard Universities. With his extensive experience, you are guaranteed to leave his office with a brand new all-natural looking smile.

Alternative to Dentures

It’s only normal that a person starts searching for tooth replacement options when they lose most of their teeth. An American College of Prosthodontists reports indicates that close to 36 million Americans have lost all their teeth. It further goes on to state that 120 million more have one or more missing teeth. For such individuals, dentures are among the available tooth replacement options. However, each patient will have varying needs, which means dentures aren’t always the best option. The good news for patients with missing teeth is that there are various alternatives, e.g., implants. These alternatives will enable a person to regain their smile, chew, and talk naturally.

Full Dental Implants

Implants according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry are single metal units surgically secured inside the body. Once secure, Arman Torbati DDS then proceeds to top them using a tooth-colored crown. Full mouth dental implants function well for smiling, talking, and chewing. It’s also not easy to differentiate them from natural teeth, thereby providing a necessary aesthetic appeal. The doctor will need to examine your mouth to determine whether implants are for you or not. If you are a suitable candidate, the next step involves determining which among the following is the best option:

  • Four Dental Implants The dentist gets to space the four implants across the arch where your natural teeth were previously. The denture is customized to ensure it will securely sit on the four implants. This is crucial as it reduces denture shifting when talking or chewing. The procedure has a 99% success rate.
  • Six Dental Implants Six implants is another option used to provide support to the replacement teeth. Opting to use more implants allows for proper stress distribution. The decision on whether to use four or six implants is influenced by your preferences, health, and bone levels.

Benefits of Full Dental Implants

  1. Prevents Bone Loss The loss of teeth often causes the jaw to start losing its bone mass. Your jawbone requires the simulation it receives whenever the teeth connect for it to retain its mass. Full mouth dental implants are currently the only alternatives to dentures that can maintain this stimulation. By doing so, they also get to assist in preventing bone loss.
  2. Will Not Get Cavities Just because you have artificial teeth doesn’t mean they don’t require proper care and attention. Caring for them prevents the accumulation of bacteria which can, in return, lead to unwanted infections. The good news is that this material used to customize the implants doesn’t decay. You, therefore, never have to worry about the implants getting cavities.
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