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Dental Bridges Cost in Los Angeles, CA

Having a missing tooth can greatly affect your smile as well as how your bite functions, which is why you should consider obtaining dental bridges for a cost of around $500-$1,400. This is a low-risk treatment in Los Angeles that can provide you with a much more attractive smile. If you're missing 1-3 teeth, a single dental bridge can act as a replacement for these teeth and ensure that you have a full smile once more. 

What Are Dental Bridges? 

Dental bridges are artificial teeth that can fill in the gaps that occur because of a missing tooth or several missing teeth. While partial or full dentures should be considered for situations where a large number of your teeth are missing, dental bridges allow you to correct gaps for a relatively affordable cost. A dental bridge is comprised of artificial teeth that will be cemented to the intact teeth surrounding them. These artificial teeth are usually made from porcelain. The benefits of obtaining dental bridges are substantial if you suffer from one or more missing teeth. Your overall oral health and the functionality of your teeth will be restored. 

Types of Dental Bridges 

There are several different types of dental bridges for you to consider, the primary of which are traditional bridges. These bridges are supported directly by two crowns that are placed over the teeth on both sides of the gap. In order to make room for these crowns, the two surrounding teeth will be filed down. You could also obtain cantilever bridges, which uses only a single crown to support the entire bridge. This option is most effective for placement towards the front of your mouth. You might also want to consider removable bridges, which are oftentimes referred to as partial dentures. These bridges are designed to match the appearance of your teeth and in much the same way as standard bridges. However, they have a plastic base to them that's gum colored, which means that your smile can be adversely affected. If you want the most affordable type of dental bridges, a removable bridge would be the way to go. 

Main Candidates for Dental Bridges 

Anyone who is missing around 1-3 teeth should heavily consider dental bridges. This is a very safe and effective treatment that can provide you with artificial teeth that should last forever. Your surrounding teeth will be able to provide a strong foundation for the dental bridges, which means that it's important that these teeth are healthy and free from substantial amounts of decay. Any gum disease will also need to be treated before you can consider obtaining a dental bridge. 

Costs for Dental Bridges 

The costs for a dental bridge depend almost entirely on how many teeth need to be replaced. The estimated price for this treatment is $500-1,400 per tooth. To determine the exact cost, you will need to schedule a consultation with our dental offices. A bridge that uses only one artificial tooth will be much more affordable than a bridge that uses three artificial teeth. Other considerations that can factor into the costs of your dental bridge include the materials used, any additional treatments that are needed, how experienced the Los Angeles dentist is, and how comprehensive the treatment is.

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