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Prosthodontics vs Other Dentistry: What are the differences?


Not sure whether a prosthodontist, a general dentist, or some other type of specialist makes the most sense for your dental care needs? To help you understand why you would choose a prosthodontist over other specialist or generic dentists, we've put together a brief guide to what makes a prosthodontist different from his or her general dentistry peers.

What is a general dentist?

A general dentist with no specialized title can be expected to be familiar with all standard dental care and minor procedures such as fillings. Many also receive training in certain specific procedures to broaden their repertoire, without undertaking the focused training required to acquire a particular specialization.

What is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist has specialized dental training in tooth replacement and/or restoration procedures. They are much more familiar with dental surgical procedures than a general dentist, and often make the best choice for dental procedures with an eye towards long-term aesthetics; that is, if you want a beautiful smile after your treatment, a prosthodontist is the specialist most likely to meet your expectations.

Key differences between the two

The basic training required to become a dentist ensures that a prosthodontist knows most of what a general dentist does, though a general dentist may have more experience in maintenance care procedures, repair of teeth which can be saved, and keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. On the other hand, a general dentist often seeks additional training to better cover dental prosthetics, but can't compare to the specialized training of a prosthodontist in replacing teeth and restoring function and beauty that's previously been lost in your mouth.

Prosthodontist training

To become a prosthodontist, a dentist must undergo focused training in dental prosthetics and the advanced sciences and procedures involved with replacing teeth. This requires up to three years of training under an American Dental Association accredited program. During said program, the prospective prosthodontist will improve their understanding of:

  • Dental surgery
  • Implants
  • Dentures
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Aesthetic restoration

They'll learn when to use each solution, and how to properly bring together patient expectations, practical concerns such as finance and function, and aesthetic considerations to produce optimal outcomes for prosthetic installation.

Learn more

Want to learn more about the difference between a prosthodontics and general dentistry? Contact the offices of Dr. Arman Torbatti DDS at Dr. Torbatti is Los Angeles foremost prosthodontist, a professor at the University of South California, and a diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics.

As an accredited and highly experienced prosthodontist, cosmetic dentist, and implant specialist, he and his team offer superior treatments in restoring lost functionality and beauty to your smile after the loss of a tooth or teeth.

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