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Dr. Arman Torbati DDS.

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➤ Prosthodontist, Cosmetic & Implant Dentist

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Do not Forget Your Regular Dental Checkup!

Nowadays, we enjoy an effective dental medicine practice, and between medical knowledge and at home hygiene care, most American adults keep their natural teeth throughout their lives in great oral condition. However, cavities are still a major concern in children and many adults, something that can be prevented.
Many people believe they only need to visit a dental office when they feel something is wrong, or when they are in pain. The problem with this is, by the time an issue has developed symptoms that cannot be ignored even by an untrained person, the illness has advanced far more than it should, had it been diagnosed sooner by a professional.
Cavities alone are still considered to be one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in children, and as many as a 100 million Americans don't visit a dental office over the course of an entire year.
This is why Dentists like the reputed Dr. Arman Torbati, with his Los Angeles based practice, recommend regular dental checkups. These routine appointments can stop any diseases at their early stages, when they may only require small interventions instead of letting them worsen into painful conditions that might be a lot more costly to treat. Also, with regular contact with a dentist that will advise you, you're far more likely to follow the best procedures dental hygiene in your own home.
So how often should these checkups happen? Every six months is the recommendation to both adults and children. However, if there are any complicating factors, you should visit more than twice a year as per your dentist's recommendation. These factors can be health related, like in the case of diabetes and pregnancy, or be connected to your habits, where the use of alcohol or tobacco may require more frequent attention.
It's a good idea to book these checkup appointments as soon as possible, preferably as you leave the office after your current check-up. If you can't do it with such a big advance, you should still book your checkup with a month's advance and keep it in your calendar, or it will be too easy to procrastinate as seemingly more urgent things come along, but postponing your dental appointments until it becomes an emergency defeats their purpose. For an even more practical use of your time, why not schedule more than one family member for the same day? You will save in transportation and have company at the office.
Dentists across Los Angeles, such as Dr Torbati, are highly qualified to take your checkup appointments and diagnose both routine and complex issues alike that can save you from a lot of hassle and possibly painful conditions. They understand the value and quality of life a good oral condition brings, along with a beautiful smile, and since you do too, don't forget your dental checkup!

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