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Do Tooth Fillings Last Forever? 

Dental restorations are designed to last for many years, yet nothing lasts forever. Dental fillings Los Angeles dentists use to restore teeth can be made from ceramic, porcelain or special types of metal. Once a filling is placed, you naturally want it to last as long as possible, and understanding how dental restorations work helps you get the most out of your dental care. 

Why Fillings Break Down 

The material used in the dental fillings Los Angeles patients get to fix their teeth affects its longevity. Typically, metal fillings last longer than composite ones due to the durability of the material. Since one of the first things people ask about is the tooth filling cost with our insurance, it helps to understand that the material chosen affects your maximum return on the initial investment for restorations. Fillings are bonded to your teeth using special materials and heat, but they are susceptible to damage from excessive chewing forces, secondary decay in the tooth as well as time. 

How to Care for Your Tooth Filling 

While the tooth filling cost with our insurance helps to reduce the expenses involved with the replacement, you can also do your part to care for the restoration. Dental fillings Los Angeles residents receive require similar care as to what you normally provide your teeth. For example, you will need to brush and floss your teeth as normal to prevent decay around the margins of the filling. While you can still eat the majority of your favorite foods, you should avoid poor oral health habits such as chewing on ice when you have dental fillings Los Angeles dentists carefully placed in your mouth. When you talk to our dentist about the tooth filling cost with our insurance, you may also ask about wearing a nighttime mouth guard to protect your fillings from the friction generated by grinding your teeth during your sleep. 

Signs That a Filling Needs Replacement 

Your dentist will carefully check each one of your dental fillings Los Angeles patients receive for signs of wear during your regular exams. However, you may also notice signs that you need to explore the tooth filling cost with our insurance. Composite, or white, fillings should retain their general color. Seeing dark spots along the margins could indicate staining that comes from decay. Although metal fillings can change color to a certain degree, you should also worry if you see dark areas along the edges. When a filling is broken, you may notice symptoms such as sensitivity to cold or heat in your teeth as you eat and drink. In severe cases, you may see where the filing actually came out or fractured. 

Your Options For New Fillings 

Dental fillings Los Angeles residents get should be replaced at the first sign of damage to prevent further problems for your teeth. For example, decay around the margin of a filling will only continue to get worse and lead to a need for serious treatment if the filling isn’t replaced. When you seek a replacement, you can work with your dentist to understand the tooth filling cost with our insurance. While you never want money to interfere with your oral health, you may choose from options such as having a metal filling placed in the back of your mouth for more durability. Alternatively, having a white filling placed in your smile zone allows it to be undetectable so that you can continue to perform your normal activities with confidence. 

Do you suspect that a filling in your mouth needs replacement? Call our office to get an estimate on your new tooth filing today.

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