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My Dentist Told Me That I Need a Root Canal Retreatment. What Does This Mean?

Root canals are often performed as a final attempt to save a tooth that is severely infected or broken. In fact, you likely found that root canal treatment Los Angeles dentists recommend is the only option other than an extraction to eliminate pain and restore your oral health. While root canals are successful most of the time, there are issues that arise that could cause your dentist to recommend retreatment and affect the root canal cost. Naturally, the last thing you want to hear is that you must go through the process all over again, but understanding this information helps you understand that the root canal cost is worth it when it comes to preserving your smile. 

Why Am I Having Problems After a Root Canal? 

There are several different reasons why you may need a root canal treatment Los Angeles patients sometimes have to undergo more than once. In some cases, there are canals in the root of the tooth that went undetected during the original treatment. Most often, these canals are oddly shaped or in a strange location compared to normal tooth structure. Retreatment is also necessary if something has happened since the original root canal to disrupt the structure of the tooth. For example, people sometimes try to defray the root canal cost by delaying the placement of a crown. Yet, this can lead to small cracks in the tooth that open it up to decay. 

What Is Involved With a Root Canal Retreatment? 

The process for root canal treatment Los Angeles dentists perform for a second time is very similar to what happened during your original experience. However, they may now need to remove or drill through the dental restoration placed on your tooth, which is typically a crown. Once an access area is established, the dentist then removes the filling material so that they can reach the root. Inside of the canal, your dentist is able to use their tools to search for problem areas that lead to pain and inflammation. For instance, they may need to clear out an infection or clean a canal that was missed during the first root canal treatment Los Angeles dentist use to retore tooth health. In some cases, repair work may also be done to the exterior portion of the tooth such as removing decayed enamel. Due to the many different factors that go into retreatment, you will find that your root canal cost is based upon your specific needs and may be different from what others are quoted. 

Will the Treatment Work This Time? 

Naturally, you want the treatment to work after covering the root canal cost. Fortunately, most retreatments are only required one time, which means that you can look forward to a lifetime of enjoying your tooth. Keep in mind that this only can happen if you practice proper care. Make sure to attend your follow up appointment with your dentist, and have the proper restoration placed after your root canal treatment Los Angeles dentists perform. Then, practice proper oral hygiene to prevent issues such as decay at the crown margin that affect the structural integrity of the restoration. 

Did your first root canal fail to eliminate your tooth pain or infection? Give our office a call to find out how our retreatment services can restore your comfort. 

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