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A New Look to Dental Specialties - What are they?

When it comes to dental work, you may have an issue with your teeth that requires more than a routine appointment, such as an annual checkup or a simple filling. When your teeth require special attention, you want to place yourself in the hands of the right specialist. It will give you peace of mind to know that your dental specialist has an additional two to four years of training to focus on the specialty area, ensuring that your dental issue will get the attention that it needs. Consider the following specialists to address your dental concerns.

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What Types Of Treatments are Provided By The Prosthodontists?


Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals primarily with replacement or restoration of lost or damaged teeth. Prosthodontists, therefore, are casually referred to as “smile architects”. These dentists are highly trained to ensure that everyone gets a good smile. They are trained not only in teeth, but also gums, facial features, and lips. While you may need a team of dentists with different skills to have that full smile makeover, the team, in most cases is led by a prosthodontist. 

Unlike other dentists, prosthodontists receive three years of advanced training after graduating from dental school. The training program they engage in must be accredited by American Dental Association. The skills gained from school are combined with the years of clinical experience from residency to take care of simple or complex restoration or replacement procedures. 

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What does a prosthodontist do? Benefits of visiting a prosthodontist

​ A prosthodontist specializes in tooth restoration and repair. This simple job summary hides an array of techniques and treatments: crowns, braces, dental implants, bridges, invisalign treatments, bleaching, tooth alignment and more. The benefits of visiting a prosthodontist for optimal dental appearance and function are substantial. Note that ove...
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